About me

Born in Italy, I was just a child but already known for my silences full of thoughts.
My favorite form of communication is writing, but all of my poems are reserved only for my eyes. My main aim is to fulfil my life with writing, that is why I began a journalism course.
In 2015 I graduated in Persian and Arabic languages and cultures and during the last eight years I have been studying in Iran, Morocco, Malta, Greece, England.
During the last year I have published more than 350 articles about Near and Middle Eastern culture on three Italian online journals and on my personal blog (Veli, cravatte e coriandoli). This was a voluntary work that joined all my passions.
Sometimes my cv seems harsh to me, then I remember I am just 22.
I enjoy cooking and eating, playing the piano, travelling, running, comparing and especially making friends with people whose personality is opposed to mine. I am interested in fighting against violence on women and I am an Emergency Uk volunteer.


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