Shahrzad, new Iranian TV series

by Anastasia Maniglio


She is a medical student, he is a journalist for Bakhtar Emrouz newspaper: Shahrzad and Farhad fall in love with each other and live their romantic story in the corrupted time of pre-revolution Iran.

The historical series, available online also, is written by Hassan Fathi and Naghmeh Samini, directed by Hassan Fathi.

So far, in 28 episodes, Iranian audience around the world has been fascinated by the young woman living around 1953, who usually dated at the Cafe Naderi, but soon becomes far from her beloved.

Farhad, in fact, is jailed with false allegation of murder of one of the Shah’s Guards of Honour: he took part in the coup d’état, supporting the deposed Prime Minister Mossadegh.

The military court wanted him to be killed, but an influential family friend has been able to save his life.




Once free, the man discovers his home country’s situation is getting worse day by day: his paper is banned, there is less freedom of speech, economy is under the control of bad people, his girlfriend does not want him anymore.

Listening to music and reciting poems for her near the famous Lalehzar quarter of Tehran, are just old memories.

The message between the lines is that, even following Islamic rules, even now, Iranian contemporary social issues can be solved, to return to an era when men and women were closer to each other in public life too.

“Shahrzad” boasts a superlative cast, with Taraneh Alidoosti (the main role), Mostafa Zamani, Shahab Hosseini, Ali Nasirian, Parinaz Izadyar and Ghazal Shakeri, just to mention someone.

You can find all the episodes here:
Official website (in Persian):



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