Living around Naples: my favorite hotel

by Anastasia Maniglio


I’ve been staying in Bed and Breakfast “I Doria” in Angri (Salerno) for three nights a month over the past two years and I’ve enjoyed too much!

If you are planning to travel to Italy and visit the Amalfi Coast, the archaeological excavations of Pompeii, the narrow streets of the historic center of Naples, eat real pizza and enjoy the original baba, this is the right accomodation for you!


Coffee, jams, croissants, chocolate, milk, fruit juices, snacks… That in the Bed and Breakfast is such a varied and abundant breakfast that I would go back even just for this! But it is only one of many points in favor of this place…


Ms. Maria (the owner of the Bed and Breakfast) now treats me like a daughter: she knows my friends, has my number saved in the phone book and is interested in my studies and my job as if she was a relative of mine. Almost all the inhabitants of southern Italy are so welcoming and warm.


I chose her Bed and Breakfast for the great location and affordability. With only 30 euro per night I had a single use double bedroom, in this place with only three bedrooms, so very quiet and uncrowded. Breakfast was included in the price.

In the bedroom where I stayed there were: a TV, the window overlooking the front yard (where you can park the car, without paying any extra cost), a desk and a chair, a bedside lamp, a large bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and bidet, according to the Italian style. In the desk drawer there was a map of Naples (a few kilometers far from Angri) and various brochures on take-away pizzerias and venues nearby.


The woman was always available to give me information and advice about restaurants or bars where she had already eaten, or that the other guests had spoken well about in the past.

Minus points: there is no wi-fi access in the building, but there is, however, in any public space in the area; furthermore, public transport is not ideal, so you should rent a car, if you do not have relatives or friends living in the city.

It would be better to book in advance for any stay during the summer months, because Naples is a very popular tourist destination.

Average rating: 8/10.


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